Cancer has become a huge evil, every year many thousands of new patients are identified with the disease. The Apeksha Hospital has to treat both the newly identified as well as the people who have been suffering for a while. On any given day the hospital treats thousands of outpatients as well as inpatients. All are not provided accommodation at the hospital, and many who have to take periodic courses of treatment are expected to come for the treatment daily.

However since most of them travel from far , and are from lower socio economic strata, they find it difficult to pay for accommodation, so they just stay inside the hospital, down a corridor, under a bed, or in any corner that they can find

During treatment they are susceptible to infections due to low immunity , the fact that they have to suffer to get their treatment without proper accommodation was something we could not accept

We embarked on a project to build a TRANSIT HOME to accommodate children and adult patients suffering from cancer, during their periodic treatment.

With a project that took some years to complete, by March 2013 we were able to finally make it a reality and dedicate it to serve the needy.

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The CCC House is now able to provide accommodation for Cancer Patients who have to under go day treatment.

We provide accommodation for Children as well as Adult patients – Whilst the adults are allowed to stay by themselves in the wards, the child will have a carer with him or her, and will be provided a room to stay.

  •   Male Ward
  •   2 Female Ward
  •   Rooms for Children - 45
  •   2 Children Wards
  •   Grand Total of Beds
  • 26 Beds
  • 26 Beds
  • 90 Beds (2 Beds each)
  • 52 Beds
  • 194 Beds

We provide them comfortable , safe, clean and peaceful accommodation, during their treatment so that they have less to worry about. Their meals are provided by the hospital. We do encourage meal donations from well-wishers, to be provided under the guidelines set. And the interest by donors to support with meal donations , is extensive.

The Residents, visit the hospital for treatment, as per the guidelines provided to themby the Consulting Medical Officer of the respective wards. We facilitate the process, if necessary, but the responsibility lies solely with the patient.

CCC HOUSE – The Transit Home Project is a collaborative effort endorsed by the Ministry of Health and Nutrition and the Apeksha Hospital. The patients are directed to the CCC House by the Consultants of the Apeksha Hospital. We keep close contact with the respective wards and operate with a good understanding, providing the best service required by them.

We have a team of dedicated people who will ensure that the Residents are provided the best of comfort, both physical and mental, during their stay. All their needs are looked after, during their stay with us. Our team reflect the values of the organization – Courage, Compassion and Commitment

A project of this nature needs to be operated efficiently, requires significant funding. We have set very high standards of “Operations” at the CCC HOUSE, and are committed to manage it maintain the set standards.. Therefore the constant need for fund raising exists.


We need funds to maintain the CCC House and invite you to support us

Donate – As an when you want

Donate any amount as you wish, on line, deposit to our account, or through an sms via dialog phone

Deposit in to our Account

  •   Account Name
  • CCC Foundation Sri Lanka
  •   Account Number
  • 1416440701
  •   Bank
  • Commercial Bank – Foreign Branch
  •   Swift Code

Donate via SMS - Send a SMS via a Dialog phone

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and send to 77100 from a Dialog Phone

Donate – Sponsor a Bed for a period

Sponsor a bed for a day/week/month/ year – Average operational expenses per bed per day is Rs 500.00 (you may work out how you could get involved)

Donate – A meal for the Residents

Sponsor a meal for all the residents – The meal donations are subject to occupancy levels. Once you decide on the date our team will guide you on how to proceed with your donation.

Donate – To support other needs

Contribute in kind when we have special needs (refurbishment, curtaining, repairs/maintenance, linen, consumables etc...) – You may contact our team to understand what is needed at any given time and agree on how you could get involved.


You can help by being there for the residents during your free time, we encourage limited opportunity for really dedicated volunteers to serve the residents

Spend time with children, do creative work with them, help their studies etc...

Spend time with the adults, read with them, spend time doing craft etc...

Conduct special activity for all , sing-a-song, musical evenings , religious sessions (all religions)

Speak to us about what you have in plan and work with us to make it happen, we are relatively strict about these programmes specially since the best interest of the resident is our primary focus. Discuss with us if you are interested and we will together explore the best possible method.

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Contact via Sms, Whatsapp, Phone

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